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i agree with this

please make a level with this, or force someone else to do it

you seriously make some of the most polished stuff on newgrounds, amazing job on this

i love the style you chose for this, the melody is already stuck in my head, the beat is tight, overall great job on this!
btw you're a good singer :o

this song is so amazing and so polished, it makes me wish i could make songs like this ;A;
a collab with virtual riot would srsly be dope
mrrow ;o

wow, high quality piece of work right here. it really does sound like the music that you'd hear in the late 90's-early 2000's, with better recording equipment. not really too much to say other than that i really enjoyed it, keep it up! :)

would fit in a horror movie, and actually I could see this being used on a roller coaster of some kind... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ k really this is awesome thanks

no major gripes on this one, but it kinda stays the same throughout the song... i know it changes a little, but the feel is mostly the same, and it's pretty short. i like the overall vibe the song gives. it's pretty eerie, and would fit right in with a dark game/movie. pretty nice percussion as well. overall not bad

SierraRising responds:

I gave myself a short amount of time to complete this, so I paid no real attention to melody, a major flaw in most of my stuff. I was going for an eerie vibe, so I´m glad that worked.
Thanks for the review, it always helps!

darn good stuff, i really love the samples you used for the voices and the drums. the chord progression is good, but there's really no melody here that i can think of other than the voice samples. it really doesn't seem memorable, as there's not a lot to really remember from it, but i will say that it wouldn't irritate me if i heard it on the radio. also it's pretty short, but that's not too big of a deal. from the tags, it seems like it's just a demonstration anyways. overall, nice job on this track, it sounds pretty good.

FaunSound responds:

There's not supposed to be any sort of lead besides the voice.

wtf! this needs more love! this remix is absolutely stunning, i love the key changes, the percussion is fantastic, and the drop is a nice addition. no complaints with this :)

1f1n1ty responds:


And yeah sometimes I wish my stuff got more love :/

i make music with FL Studio 12 and 0CC-FamiTracker 0.3.13... that's about all you need to know :p

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